Darksiders 2 Review

Darksiders 2 Review: Does Death deliver a killer blow?

Vigil games’ follow up to the popular adventure/action title darksiders features several elements which made the original great. However Darksiders 2 provides enough variety and growth in scale to maintain a fresh outlook for its anticipated sequel, and allows for a stand alone game for newcomers to the series.

Darksider’s 2 unique blend of action and puzzle sequences echo aspects from other popular gaming titles and boasts an impressive amount of collectables to keep you busy. Despite some minor technical issues, Darksider’s 2 has great gameplay with a compelling story and grand boss battles to keep you hooked for lasting appeal.

The story picks up following Death, the most powerful horseman of the apocalypse and the suspicious events surrounding the premature end of the world. Death must resolve the mystery enclosing humanities early extinction and prevent the conviction of the supposed culprit, his brother and fellow horseman War.

Your personal tour guide, see all the vibrant sights and sounds the apocalypse has to offer you!*

Death’s adventure runs parallel to the first entry in the series. Fans of the original game will be familiar with War’s exploits as it’s main protagonist, but Darksider’s 2 doesn’t depend on this familiarity to play. Storytelling remains at the foundation of the structure that is darksiders, and is supported by the violence required to move along the plot. Although similar faces and themes appear in the sequel, it remains an acceptable bridge for individuals.

The Darksider’s franchise remains at its core a combat heavy/free roam world with puzzles throughout, and Darksider’s 2 is no exception. The combat system emits a God of War like tenacity with several action prompts and the aim to string together combos to finish off opponents. Slight camera issues occur rarely during the combat aspects of the game, such as the camera occasionally disapearing behind walls and objects during cinematic finishers if your proximity is too close to them. The game also provides a somewhat unpolished look in the backgrounds of your travels. However these weren’t prevalent concerns, and the stunning artwork design and voice acting of the cutscenes draws attention well away from these minor flaws.

Numerous collectables and dungeons are a frequent sight as you journey through your story undertaking many fetch related quests. These dungeons bid that you put your newly acquired abilities to the test in puzzles to progress forward which provide Zelda-like shades of puzzle activity.The quest formula remains the same throughout the course of the fable, find an item, use that item and venture deeper forward in search of the next required object. This custom is even more established during the dungeon crawling. Therefore those who disdain object hunting, should probably avoid this game.

The gameplay is improved this time around with a new game plus option and loot features to constantly upgrade your gear, meeting demand in resistant enemies and epic boss fights. The magnitude of the free roam worlds has increased dramatically allowing for a much longer and varied experience with side missions.

Darksider’s 2 gives players the unique opportunity to play as one of the most interesting and infamous characters in storytelling. Death feels exactly like he should in your hands, powerful. Amongst all the questing, boss challenges and puzzle solving the heart of the game lies in its tale of sibling loyalty. For those interested in the legend of the horseman, extravagantly chaotic gameplay or gripping narratives, should undoubtedly be following Death into the abyss of the apocalypse.

Combat/puzzle gameplay
Voice acting
Engaging storyline
Boss fights

Slightly choppy backgrounds and sometimes unrefined tone
Cameras occasional free will

Royal Rating:



Thoughts? Opinions? Feel free to post them and constructive criticism in the comments section.
My next article “Top Ten ‘other’ Futurama characters” will be out in a few days so stay tuned. Until then, thanks for taking the time to read!

*All rights for darksiders and the image presented go to Vigil Games and THQ. The profile picture was created by the talented Anthony Freeland, and subject to copyright. check out his great designs.


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